Modern Body Horror – Reviewing BITE (2015)

Insects, eggs and throwing up on your boyfriend. For the first installment of Ticket Stubs we watched and discussed the 2015 film Bite. The horror film equivalent of bin juice. The film centers around a girl named Casey who has returned from her bachelorette party in Costa Rica. Casey gets bitten by an insect atContinue reading “Modern Body Horror – Reviewing BITE (2015)”

The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer is HERE

Hold onto your butts! Spider-Man: No Way Home is really not pulling its punches. The latest trailer just dropped and has already racked up 13 million views in 24 hours. And yeah, it’s a damn good trailer, there is a lot happening. This is where we put the obligatory spoiler warning for the trailer! SoContinue reading “The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer is HERE”

A Very Brief History of Body Horror

Who doesn’t love watching an insane gross out scene where a person is transforming into a creature and you see their skin peel off their body, or their bones break to make them morph into something that doesn’t even resemble a human? Yeah, you know those scenes! Where you curl your toes up and youContinue reading “A Very Brief History of Body Horror”

New Jack City (1991)

For Episode 5 of Ticket Stubs Ryan, Dane and Ciarin watch the 1991 film New Jack City. Where to even begin with New Jack City. Well, if you ever wondered what Tony Montana would be like being played by Wesley Snipes then this is the movie for you. If you like overly cheesy 90s crimeContinue reading “New Jack City (1991)”