The Ticket Stubs Podcast features three great friends chatting about their greatest love, movies!

The Story of Ryan, Ciarin, Dane and Ticket Stubs
As told by Dane

At the university of Newcastle, a lecture was about to begin. Ciarin and Ryan had already formed a friendship and upon entering the hall their eyes met. They had both just seen something that defied belief. The most handsome man they had ever seen. “My gosh that’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen” they said aloud, simultaneously and with equal enthusiasm. Dane, the very man that had just made their metaphorical jaws hit the floor, had overheard them and turned to nod humbly and in agreeance.

“I am,” he replied, “thank you for noticing. Did you know that Die Hard is the most perfect action movie ever made?” “Wow you’re as correct as you are beautiful” they both proclaimed once again in unison. “It’s clear as the blue sky that you really know your stuff. We also love movies.” And so an elite friendship was formed.

The three set out to complete their degree in Media Production together while constantly
remarking how broad Dane’s shoulders were. Ryan and Ciarin went on to complete their honors while Dane chose a career in radio broadcasting, which required him to move away, but the three continued to keep in touch and go drinking when they could. After nearly 4 years away, Dane returned to his home town of Newcastle 2021. But COVID returned made a comeback as well so the three got to chatting about this new podcast fad. Thankfully podcasting is very niche and a podcast about movies even more so. We are the only ones to do it and that’s documented. You can look that up.

And thus, Ticketstubs was formed. Once a week Ryan, Ciarin and Dane will suggest a movie to watch either good or bad, new or old and just ramble about it with the occasional trivial fact thrown in for good measure. Please listen to it. I am lazy and don’t want to work anymore.

Ta-ta and farewell,

Meet the team

Ciarin Christie

Ryan McGrath

Dane Durie