Modern Body Horror – Reviewing BITE (2015)

Insects, eggs and throwing up on your boyfriend.

For the first installment of Ticket Stubs we watched and discussed the 2015 film Bite.

The horror film equivalent of bin juice.

The film centers around a girl named Casey who has returned from her bachelorette party in Costa Rica. Casey gets bitten by an insect at some point on the trip and is maybe not as concerned about it as she should be, and on her return home, begins to suffer the horrifying consequences.

Bite is a modern take on the Body Horror Genre. Body horror is a genre that intentionally showcases grotesque or psychologically disturbing violations of the human body and has roots in Gothic Literature. 

The first thing I ever heard about Bite was from the film’s premiere. There were stories of people being physically sick in the movie theatre and ambulances being called due to people fainting. I decided to never watch this movie. Until we decided to make a podcast.

Then I thought stuff it, what could be so bad? Oh how naïve I was.

The worst thing about the film was the acting, followed closely by the script. They did however achieve some amazing visuals and special effects on a very limited budget, a budget that could in fact be classed as a Microbudget.

Typically microbudget films are made on a few thousand dollars, so not big money. But of course it’s not about the size, it’s about how you use it. Using coffee grounds and little plastic balls and a whole lot of slime, they made an amazing set that evolved into the hive of the sickly Casey.

Elma Begovic spent almost seven hours in the makeup chair at the height of filming in order to take on her buggy appearance, which was extremely effective. And ironically, her bug acting was better than her human acting.

All in all, Bite is great if you love being grossed out but when comparing it to other Body Horror Icons such as The Thing or The Fly, it just falls short.

Hoo Roo,

You can listen to Episode One of Ticket Stubs by clicking the link below

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