The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer is HERE

Hold onto your butts! Spider-Man: No Way Home is really not pulling its punches. The latest trailer just dropped and has already racked up 13 million views in 24 hours. And yeah, it’s a damn good trailer, there is a lot happening.

This is where we put the obligatory spoiler warning for the trailer!

So the trailer starts immediately following the end of the last movie after Peter Parker’s identity gets revealed to the world and he visits his fellow Avenger, Doctor Stephen Strange to try and make the world forget he is Spiderman.

But wait, there’s more! Things do not go well and villains (and heroes, though not confirmed we assume it totally is happening) enter their world from the multiverse.

And oh boy, do they look sick! We get a few scenes of Doc Ock, who looks phenomenal and might even end up becoming a bit of an ally by the end of the movie, though we just have to wait and see.

We finally see and hear the Green Goblin and damn, that dorky green suit has never looked better.

As well as seeing The Sandman, The Lizard and Electro teaming up to fight Spidey in a construction yard (looks a little similar to end fight scene from Spiderman 3) in what looks like the final boss fight at the end of the movie, with Electro sporting the comic book yellow lightning bolts instead of the blue from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Throughout the trailer, we also see some interesting interactions with Dr Strange and Spidey, fighting over a box (maybe one that holds the other universes or something), Dr Strange also pushes Peter’s spirit out of his body whilst they’re having a little quarrel as well, Spidey gets a new suit which looks like an upgrade to his stealth suit with possibly some Dr Strange abilities built in? Who bloody knows. There is just a lot happening.

But I don’t know why the Studios don’t want to put myself and the internet out of our misery and show us, what we already know, that Matt Murdoch is in the movie as Peter Parker’s lawyer. I probably want this more than having the other Spidey’s in the movie.

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a movie with this many great characters since I saw the first Batman V Superman trailer.

Let’s hope Spider-Man: No Way Home doesn’t let me down like the latter did. SO SIGN ME UP FOR EXTENSIVE FAN THEORIES FOR THE NEXT MONTH UNTIL ITS RELEASE!

But that’s it, that’s my quick thoughts on the latest trailer for Spiderman No Way Home which is released worldwide on the 16th of December.

Peace Out,


You can check out the trailer yourself with the link below!

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