New Jack City (1991)

For Episode 5 of Ticket Stubs Ryan, Dane and Ciarin watch the 1991 film New Jack City.

Where to even begin with New Jack City. Well, if you ever wondered what Tony Montana would be like being played by Wesley Snipes then this is the movie for you.

If you like overly cheesy 90s crime dramas, where the characters choices don’t really make a lot of sense, then this is also for you.

To give you a quick run through of the characters:

Nino Brown (Snipes) becomes a crack drug lord with his brother G Money and Detective Appleton (Ice T) and his partner are hell bent on bringing down Nino and his drug empire that is destroying the city.

Here I would like to add an additional note; in a previous Ticket Stubs episode we watched Spiral starring Chris Rock and mention that he makes reference to New Jack City IN Spiral. That’s because Chris Rock is also IN New Jack City playing a junkie. So do with that what you will.

Anyway, this was Ice T’s first ever acting role and he is terrible in it. He got the role after the director heard him trash talking in a club toilet. That’s a true story.

But Wesley Snipes gives it his all. He really is the best part about this movie and my comparison of Snipes playing Tony Montana is more on the nose than you realise, because in this movie his character watches Scarface like 5 times.

They are trying really, REALLY hard to connect the parallel along with themes of poverty, racism, heavy handed anti-drug messages, lots of shootouts and some unintentionally laugh out loud moments.

It’s a competently made movie but the script could have defiantly done with a few more drafts.

At the end of the day New Jack City is, at least I feel, some fun and a good time waster. But when you see that the characters are watching Scarface constantly, you’ll just wish you were watching Scarface too.

Written By Dane

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

You can listen to Episode 5 of Ticket Stubs anywhere you get your podcasts. OR you can follow the link below and listen on YouTube!

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